Pathway to Adventure

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Let the Adventure Begin!

Once your child has received their Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), your Regional Center Service Coordinator will send your referral to our Family Liaison. Our Family Liaison will reach out to schedule a meeting with your new Program Supervisor to review our Intake Paperwork and your child’s IFSP goals.

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Grab Your Map & Compass

Once your paperwork is completed and submitted, our Early Explorers Care Coordinator will review your availability and will reach out to confirm a good start date. We will match your child with a teacher at their first session.

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Meet Your Adventure Guide

During your first session, your teacher and Program Supervisor will play and interact with your child to access their skill levels and what types of activities your child enjoys. The goal is to get to know your child and develop what strategies will work best for them to help them learn and reach their highest potential.

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Embark on Your Journey!

Throughout your journey, we strive to provide the best experience for your child by providing opportunities for your child to learn and work towards reaching their development goals. We continue working with you through the process to achieve customized developmental goals for your child.

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