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Early Explorers guides your child on a personalized journey to reaching their developmental milestones. We are dedicated to providing Early Intervention Services that are meaningful and impactful for your child, while utilizing research based strategies to create the best outcomes. We design our program to help facilitate learning for your child and your family so the child will get the benefit of consistency while learning.


Play-Based Therapy

Early Explorers provides services designated to engage children in play-based treatment that builds the missing skills needed to meet critical milestones in their development. Our play-based therapy helps stimulate infant and toddler development in the key years when their brains develop the most.

Parent Empowerment

Parent support is a key component of our program as it helps teach parents different strategies to interact with their child to help them progress in their development and incorporate these skills in their daily lives. We want to ensure parents and family members feel empowered to help their child bridge the gaps in their development by teaching them techniques on how to interpret behavior and teach their child age-appropriate skills.

Continued Support

Throughout your journey, we strive to provide the best experience for your child by providing opportunities for your child to learn and work towards reaching their development goals. We continue working with you through the process to achieve customized developmental goals for your child.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact our Family Liaison to learn more about our program!

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