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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Early Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

The Early Start Program is a statewide program provided by the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS). It is designed to help children from birth to 3 years old who are experiencing developmental delays or are at risk for a developmental disorder. The program is designed to help parents bridge gaps in development and reduce the amount of delays later in life. 


Early intervention Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is designed for children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This service is typically funded through insurance. 


If you feel that your child may qualify for one or both of these programs please contact us, and our team will answer any questions you might have and guide you to the right path for you and your child.

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What materials do I need for a virtual session? 

You only need your phone, but a computer, iPad, or tablet with a camera works as well! We designed our program to work within your child's natural home setting and with resources you already have. 


Early Explorers provides each child with a secure, personalized website that you can access through your phone which leads you to your virtual session. 


The personalized website will have resources curated specifically for your child including videos, easy-to-view tips and tricks, achievement badges, parent coaching session links, schedules, and more! In addition, the secure website allows multiple parents/caregivers access to information so that they may also help your child's growth and development.

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How can you teach through a computer screen? 

We teach in naturalistic settings.  We work with you to identify settings and times which are meaningful to you. Using your phone, computer, or tablet, our Developmental Specialists observe and guide you to create a learning and language-enriched home during your day-to-day routine.

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What does parent led mean? 

You are the expert and know your child best. Early Explorers works with each parent/s and/or caregiver/s to understand what is important for their child. Early Explorers services require parent/caregiver participation, which means that the adult/caregiver will be actively involved in each session.  By actively engaging the parents in each early start session, key skills and strategies will be shared by our Developmental Specialists and later can be practiced by the parent/caregiver beyond the session.

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I can’t make this work in my schedule. I work different hours everyday. 

Fact: Early Explorers is a virtual session designed to fit in your schedule. We understand how busy you are and work to fit our sessions into your schedule. 

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I can’t do an at home program. My child lives with another caregiver part of the time. 

Fact: EE is designed to be interactive between multiple caregivers. We even encourage it, as it leads to more learning opportunities for your child. We have many families who require services in separate homes and accommodate them just as well as single-household families. The secure, personalized website created for your child is designed to be used by multiple parents and caregivers.

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